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Appliansys CACHEBOX solutions for education

Appliansys Cachebox

Internet access is critical to the success of schools and colleges today.

  • Hard copy materials are being replaced by Educational content rich in images, graphics and video.
  • Students of all ages must research material for themselves, developing the independent browsing and learning techniques they need in today’s world.

Yet the available bandwidth never seems to be enough for long. Schools in all parts of the world are facing similar challenges:

  • Schools in high bandwidth areas are grappling with the drive towards 1:1 pupil to computer ratios and students using their own devices on the school network.
  • More remote schools, those using VSAT and those in developing countries are rolling out internet-enabled learning often with little and/or very costly bandwidth.

If your bandwidth is under pressure it can lead to problems:

  • Video and educational websites face slow loading times leaving the teacher frustrated and students bored.
  • Software updates can bring the network grinding to a halt.
  • Teachers learn to avoid bandwidth intensive content, or resort to “teaching from the front of the class”.

CACHEBOX is the solution: a dedicated web caching appliance designed to save your bandwidth and improve the speed with which your end-users can access web content. Network administrators can also monitor and control web traffic.

Speed up Internet accessBecause content is downloaded to your local network, teachers and students get much quicker access to it. You can even pre-load the appliance with content so that it’s ready for teachers before the start of class.Save bandwidth

For many schools, bandwidth is either too expensive and/or in short supply.

  • For schools with narrow bandwidth in remote locations, a cache can make the internet usable in the classroom.
  • Metropolitan areas from New York to Melbourne may have a lot more bandwidth, but this has simply allowed far more devices to be connected and far greater use of internet content. Caching allows these schools to fit many more devices on to their network and maintain good internet performance for
In simple cost savings alone, payback is rapid and return on investment is high.Video when you need itVideo accounts for the majority of traffic in most schools, and with CACHEBOX it no longer takes forever to load.Software updates without the painWindows or Apple updates can generate huge volumes of traffic on the network, making it painfully slow for users. CACHEBOX takes all that pressure off the Internet connection.

Protect students from harmful content

CACHEBOX works alongside third party content filters and lets you authenticate users against MS Active Directory, so you can enforce your student protection policies. You can keepa permanent record of internet requests, as well as tracking patterns and trends to aid in network planning.

Appliansys Cachebox
Appliansys CacheboxOne school or many, big or small, there’s a CACHEBOX solution for youFrom a New York City high school to a remote settlement in Greenland or an Indonesian island, from a
single primary school to a national education authority: the CACHEBOX range offers options to cater for
every need.

  • CACHEBOX has different models to fit all school / bandwidth sizes.
  • In multi-school networks, CACHEBOXes can be deployed as appropriate across individual schools and the network core. They can work together in sibling clusters in the core and in parent-child hierarchies across the network to maximise bandwidth saving and internet performance.
  • The CACHEBOXCMC Central Management Console makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple CACHEBOXes across an education authority.
FEATURESSave bandwidth, save money

  • Fully featured caching software support for HTTP
  • Flash video caching (YouTube, Google Video, etc)
  • Software update caching (MS Windows, AV Software etc)
  • Content pre-fetching
Easier to manage

  • Secure web administration interface
  • On-box graphical reporting
  • Operating system runs from read only Industrial CompactFlash
  • SNMP support
  • Logging

Browse safely and log activity

  • MS Active Directory integration via NTLM
    and Kerberos authentication
    Flexible deployment
  • Variety of deployment modes
  • Clustering, load balancing
    and hierarchies
  • WCCP Support (v.2, GRE and Layer 2)
  • IP spoofing
  • Firewall with NAT forwarding for
    networking flexibility


“The greatest thing is that the teacher generally previews things; thus caching it. So it’s cached and ready to go for when a class is accessing the content. Some downloads could waste 5 or 10 minutes of class. That time-waster is now eliminated.”

Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh, USA


Appliansys Cachebox