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Appliansys CACHEBOX200

appliansysThe Appliansys CACHEBOX200 series is designed for your network core. It combines feature rich caching software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appli­ance format.

CACHEBOX210 is perfect for universities, col­leges, SMEs, branch offices and small ISPs, giving you serious performance at a low price point.

If you need higher performance, CACHE­BOX230 doubles the performance of the ‘210’. It is the first web cache appliance to use Solid State Drives (SSD) to give you 2500 HTTP requests per second in a 1U format. Depending on your type of traffic they can support more than 10,000 users per appli­ance. Other vendors only offer this level of performance with bigger, more expensive devices.

As well as using SSD for speed and storing small files, CACHEBOX230 stores larger files – like internet video – from Google, YouTube and others.

If you have a very heavy caching workload, clustering two or more CACHEBOXes with WCCP will deliver higher performance.


Save bandwidth, save money

  • Fully featured caching software supports for HTTP
  • Flash Video Caching (YouTube, Google Video etc)
  • Software Update Caching (MS Windows, AV Software etc)
  • Pre-fetching and mirroring of content

Easier to manage

  • Secure web administration interface
  • On-Box Graphical Reporting
  • Operating system runs from read only Industrial CompactFlash
  • SNMP support allows the box to be monitored by standard networking tools
  • Supports custom ACLs
  • Logging

Flexible deployment

  • Forward transparent, explicit and interception deployment modes, including Bridge mode with Fail-to-Wire resiliency
  • Clustering, load balancing and hierarchies
  • WCCP Support (v. 2, GRE and Layer 2)
  • IP spoofing
  • Active Directory integration via NTLM authentication
  • Firewall with NAT forwarding for networking flexibility