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Enterprise WLAN

4ipnetEnterprise WLAN

Global Wireless enterprise connectivity today provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage across a global enterprise network delivering consistent, secure access to mobile devices anywhere to employees and guests. 4ipnet’s feature-rich applications enable users to securely access business applications and collaborate with co-workers or clients from anywhere around the world.

4ipnet Enterprise WLAN Solution enables wireless networks to match wired connections in terms of performance, uninterrupted application delivery and security, while offering the latest mobility, productivity, and longevity that come from a wire-free network.

4IPNET Enterprise WAN

4IPNET Enterprise WAN

Trustworthy Connectivity for Your Enterprise

4ipnet’s user-friendly network design ensures the reliable delivery of multimedia data over wireless through smart AP Management.

4ipnet AP Management makes the best use of available radio channels to provide a clear path for signaling. Once a 4ipnet WLAN is deployed at an enterprise, it starts revolutionizing the existing business applications by finding the best wireless solutions for the latest mobile applications. Mobile applications such as voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video delivery can stress and break a wireless LAN that is not designed for application awareness and automatic flow control. 4ipnet’s Enterprise WLANs use many advanced innovations to address the needs of voice and multimedia streaming video applications. Our solution can customize according to the preferable type of applications and coordinate suitable network conditioning to ensure the fluidity of any corporate network.

Business Continuity
Take Business Expansion to a Whole New Level

4ipnet offers a variety of Controllers + Access Point combination from small to large venues and can be centrally managed from one data center.

With many businesses developing and expanding globally, while a complete wireless coverage across an enterprise venue already offers significant management benefits, these benefits become irreplaceable when access is extended to remote offices, home offices, temporary offices and telecommuters. 4ipnet makes it simple to extend new offices automatically without the need to deploying expensive IT equipment.

Advantages of 4ipnet Enterprise WLAN

  • Enterprise fluidity: Improve business applications, delivering state-of-art business tools to employees from anywhere, at any time and place
  • Flexible connectivity options: Wired, wireless, secure enterprise mesh, remote AP for both indoors and outdoors
  • Multi-level Administrative Accounts Feature: Customized access privileges for various user groups for multi-level security
  • Application-awareness: Optimized service delivery and scale
  • Cost-effective Enterprise-grade scalability and reliability: Sustainable wireless reliability across the global enterprise