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4ipnet awarded PC Pro Recommended and IT Pro Corporate Choice Award 2012


TAIPEI, TAIWAN – December 19th, 2012 – – 4ipnet, Inc., a leading networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, has been awarded the IT Pro Corporate Choice 2012 and PC Pro Recommended Award from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong respectively. IT Pro (HK) describes the Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit as a compliant fit with current small businesses’ need for high security and easy-to-use design setup, as well as emphasizing the industry’s first QR Code “Auto-Login” feature.

PC Pro (UK) quotes the following “A wireless hotspot kit with strong security, plenty of billing plans and a wide variety of logon options…” “This wireless hotspot kit is an innovative bit of kit. Not only does it provide all the bits and bobs you need to set up a commercial hotspot- a gateway for providing access to the internet, a thermal printer for printing out guests access tickets, and a keypad to control it all- but you can also add QR codes to tickets, making logging on a breeze for users”.

4ipnet’s HSG260-WTG2 new enhanced features allow small-to-medium sized businesses a competitive advantage by being as seamless as possible for our customers and partners, with minimum technological and economic challenges.

4ipnet HSG260-WTG2 wins IT Pro Corporate Choice Award 2012 IT Pro Corporate Choice

4ipnet HSG260-WTG2 wins PC Pro Recommended Award 2013 PC Pro Recommended


4IPNET HSG260-WTG2 Review

4IPNET HSG260-WTG2 Review