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4ipnetResidential WiFi Community Solution

The popularity of residential communities continues to rise throughout the world, as this method of habitation has proven to be cost effective, space-saving, easy management and at the same time, provides great security. Today, the 4ipnet WiFi Residential Community Solution exists for the same reason. With residential communities built with or without an existing local area network infrastructure, the 4ipnet Solution can provide: a channel for internal community communication, much cheaper and effective shared broadband internet access service, fast integration with local Telco and ISP/WISP, easier penetration of valuable services and an easy management interface that allows system integrator’s supporting staff remotely operates and maintains the community’s internet access.

4IPNET Wi-Fi Residential Community Solution

4IPNET Wi-Fi Residential Community Solution

 Community Committee Makes the Call

4ipnet combination of its Secure WLAN Controller and Access Points allows the Residential Community Committees flexibility on how to distribute a big chunk of bandwidth to every subscribed resident or residential unit which bandwidth were shared in much lower cost than every individual subscription program from ISP/Telco. This solution brings the capability of Content Service Provider to offer fruitful classified applications – Stocks, MOD, Games, Digital Interactive Learning, Entertainment…etc., based on users’ privileges in accordance to their role (residents, children, guests, manager or administrator) associated with configured policies, and provides an efficient network connectivity for Community Surveillance System under segregated subnet and QoS support.


Smart ROI for All

  • All for One Telecomm charges the entire residential community as “a whole one” unit instead of individual residents.
  • ISP/WISP/CSPeasily penetrates community resident market with classified valuable services beyond last-mile.
  • One for All Resident pays much less and receives more valuable applications from ISP.
  • Open Communication Local Area Network management makes it easy for community announcements through a web portal or community website.
  • Easy integration with IP-based Surveillance System with shared but isolated network access.
  • Remote Manageable Networks and Managed Services for both wired and wireless network by user-centric access control and community-based network policy management where IT-outsourcing is viable.

Instant Wireless Access

With 4ipnet Solution, the residential community may offers guests and visitors instant internet access in the lobby, meeting rooms or other recreational areas. These locations automatically turn Hotspots for anyone in need of wireless access. The residential staff can control the duration of these wireless access by customizing the time, data volume or even blocking certain websites.