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3G offload

4ipnetWith the emergence of smart phones, technical device and tablets, mobile data usage is now threatening to decrease the quality of service provided by many mobile network operators. The growth in data revenue cannot cover the decline in voice revenues, threatening mobile operators in a position to upgrade their network capacity. This unexpected rapid growth of smart devices is over burdening 3G networks and forcing Telco to find a complementary solution, fast and easy, to recuperate acceptable browsing, video streaming and other data-intensive experiences.


Wi-Fi offload for 3G

Utilizing existing Wi-Fi PWLAN network to offload the congested 3G mobile data is a sustainable and solid-proved model through field implementations that Mobile Operators has immediate benefits where :


  • Wi-Fi is ready built-in the mobile devices today.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots can be built economically and the coverage can be expanded incrementally.
  • PWLAN Accounting and Roaming infrastructure already exist. Saves time and cost for new technology.

4ipnet 3g offload Network

Network Architecture

4ipnet gives Mobile Telco the opportunity to draw new incomes from thousands of managed offload sites or hotspots. 4ipnet’s 3G Offload Solution directs data path to go from the user’s smart device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry…) to the Internet without having to enter the 3G Network.

This solution not only allows mass data traffic to be offloaded via high-speed broadband hotspot, 4ipnet also brings significant value to Access Control, User Management and Service Capabilities to the mobile operators and facility-owners.

4ipnet 3g offload


  • Traffic Offload Support
    Supports Wi-Fi Traffic offload for 3G network to provide a smoother, better service quality
  • Central WLAN Management 
    Provide easy deployment and maintenance to reduce cost for WLAN access.
  • Flexible User Management 
    User group based management with records and logs.
  • Multi-Layer PWLAN Security 
    Support wireless firewall (with 4ipnet APs)
  • Roaming and Smart Client 
    Support external Web Servers, customized login pages to users, or roaming partner’s login pages and smart clients such as (iPass, Boingo, iPhone CNS, Skype Access, Huawei dual-mode client) for mobile device’s internet WLAN access.
  • Shared Access, Branding, and Advertisement 
    Supports multiple service zones for shared access, customizable login/logout pages and walled garden advertisements. .