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Opengear Infrastructure Management Solutions

Improves efficiencies and maximizes business continuity.

Opengear provides the virtual hands to access and control networking equipment in remote offices, computers in data centers and smart devices distributed all over the world. Vendor neutral power management ensures equipment can be remotely reconfigured, rebooted and power cycled from anywhere in the world. Extensive support for out-of-band management and automated responses enables network managers and system administrators to retain control even when their network is down. The result is a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical staff, on-site visits and an accompanying acceleration of problem resolution and improvements in critical network availability.


Data Center
Monitor all your data center infrastructure
Out-Of-Band Management
Retain control even during an outage
Remote Branch Office
Always on visibility, access and remote control
Smart Management
Virtual hands with smart on-site capabilities
Managing Cisco Devices
Secure in-band and out-of-band control
Secure Management
Enterprise-grade security
Remote Sites
Manage any piece of electronic equipment anywhere
Open Management
Delivers flexible and extensible solutions
Automatically detect and repair issues
Cellular OOB
Respond within seconds of an incident
IPMI Management
Interfaces to monitor and manage system health
UPS Power
Manage distributed UPS and battery devices
Monitor PDUs
Control the widest selection PDU devices
SolarWinds Orion
Integration into Network Performance Monitor
Two factor authentication on all solutions
Opengear Nagios partnership
Zenoss Enterprise
SNMP integration with hot-key OOB access
Embedded FIPS140-2 OpenSSL cryptographic module