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appliansysAppliansys CACHEBOXCMC (Central Management Console) is a server appliance that runs in your network core and lets you manage a fleet of up to 2000+ CACHEBOXes.

Fleet Deployment/Upgrade

CACHEBOXCMC can update multiple boxes at the same time, distributing different firmware to different clusters. It can also remotely configure WCCP, permitted subnets and SSH/Web ports on individual appliances


To avoid problems with deployed CACHEBOXes, the CMC constantly polls each device and reports on its condition. Visual warnings let you know of any potential problems and give you time to fix issues before they become serious. It can monitor temperatures, network usage and connectivity, and load (e.g. CPU and disk usage).

Backup & Recovery

Using the CACHEBOXCMC’s secure web interface you can backup each device’s configuration daily. To roll back configuration information to a previous day or quickly deploy a new machine, the ‘CMC’ can apply a configuration backup to a given IP address. Clicking one button in the CMC interface loads the stored configuration onto the device and makes it ready to use.


The CMC uses a custom-built Linux operating system designed by ApplianSys for maximum security.


Save time and effort

  • Configure CACHEBOX settings across multiple devices
  • Administer all units using a single secure web interface
  • Tag and group CACHEBOXes
  • Produce simple, easy to understand reports
  • Monitor the workload, physical condition and status of network connections of multiple devices
  • Track software versions and easily rollout firmware upgrades to all CACHEBOXes
  • Import fleet details by CSV
  • View cache statistics and content by fleet/group e.g. popular sites, bandwidth saved
  • Automatically download log summaries
  • Remotely configure WCCP, permitted subnets, SSH/web ports