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Wireless Backhaul

4ipnetAs the expenses and difficulties of running fiber-optics or copper wires continue to grow expectantly, 4ipnet wireless backhaul solution has become a major substitute due to its affordability and the beauty of its fast and easy deployment.

4ipnet wireless backhaul technology is the perfect solution to catch up with the exponential growth of internet broadband access requirements. It carries data across from node to node in high speed with QoS, enhanced security and features a complete network management support.

By adapting 4ipnet’s wireless backhaul technology into today’s outdoor environment, a major network such as the wireless backbone of a WISP, the propriety network for a large business, academic institution or government agency. This is also being referred as transporting data to the network backbone.

4ipnet Wireless Backhaul Solution

4ipnet Wireless Backhaul Solution

4ipnet Wireless Backhaul Applications & Benefits


  • Building-to-Building Connection – Connect networks between buildings in one area or across long distances without wires
  • WISP’s Wireless Backhaul – Carry high-speed bandwidth from node to node with QoS and security across long distance
  • Security and Traffic Surveillance Backhaul– Provide the high throughput needed for video applications without wires
  • Extended Last-Mile Connection – Extend broadband links to business and residential subscriber’s premise


  • The Fastest ROI of WISP Investment for the Least Cost per Link per Node of High Speed Wireless Backhaul.
  • Rapid Deployment and Service Provisioning for Commercial-ready Operation.
  • Rich Operation Mode Selection (AP, Bridge, Gateway, Mesh) .
  • Flexible Configuration for Supporting Variant Network Topology Design of Wireless Backhauls (PtP/ PtMP).
  • Manageable Outdoor Access Point for Remote Configuration and Maintenance.